Admission Requirements

Our program is designed to meet the needs of adult women and men who desire a supportive, structured environment. It’s Perfect Malibu accommodates individuals who are willing to embrace and practice a new healthy lifestyle. We have created that environment with our experienced staff that can serve our clients with substance dependence and co-existing disorders including: Alcohol and drug Addictions, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Mood and Personality Disorders.

Acceptance Guidelines for It’s Perfect Malibu:

  • Medical detoxification completed
  • Inpatient treatment program completed
  • Mental and emotional disorders should be stable prior to admissions
  • Medication prescription and management stabilized and supervised by appropriate doctors

The following criteria would be exclusionary to admissions to It’s Perfect Malibu:

  • Sexual Disorders
  • Aggressive behavior which may bring harm to other guests in the home
  • Severe psychiatric conditions which require hospitalization
  • Physical conditions that would limit the individuals ability to participate in the many activities, which we provide at It’s Perfect Malibu.