About It’s Perfect Malibu

Our instinctual desire to flee pain and seek pleasure runs very deep…  sometimes deeper than the will to live. At It’s Perfect Malibu, we believe that in order to quit seeking pleasure in unhealthy ways, you must find new pleasure/happiness sources with which to replace them, otherwise your chances of success are slim.

12 Steps and Beyond

Based on a unique, eclectic combination of traditional 12-step programming and newer recovery concepts, we choose to remove the disease-based stigma from the addiction paradigm with the goal of showing you by example, how to find true, sound, and healthier pleasures that exist in the abundance of life. We believe a good and happy life to which we are all entitled, is best found, not by white-knuckled resistance or strict self-denial, but rather a more positive, self-affirmation.

Helping You Find the Path

Recovery is ultimately up to the individual. At It’s Perfect Malibu we point the way by helping you regain the power to choose. We are not babysitters or policemen. Founder Concetta Bruce views herself, rather, as a guide, host, and friend. We walk the talk because we’ve been there.

Take The Next Step

Recovery from self-destructive habits is not easy, but it is simple and easier than you think. Whatever the addiction, be it alcohol and drugs, eating disorders, smoking, gambling, etc., if what you’ve just read strikes a chord within you, or you simply wish to learn more about us, call 310.589.2180 or email: concetta@itsperfectmalibu.com